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Narrator Testimonials

 Testimonial from Jenny B. Jones award-winning author of Engaged in Trouble and I'll Be Yours

  • "Laura Darrell is one of the top audiobook narrators. With her significant professional stage background, she contributes all her acting skills, as well as her immediate grip on the story and characters and just brings the books alive. She's a joy to work with, uber positive, and got my characters with her array of incredible, diverse voices. I look forward to working with Laura again!"

Testimonial from the author of Waiting on the Sidelines, Wild Reckless, Ginger Scott

  • "Laura's voice brings characters to life. She doesn't just read a story; she brings out the feelings of the story, capturing nuances and emotions woven into the words. As an author, you have a certain voice in your head when you write. Laura finds it. The feedback I have gotten from listeners of stories of mine she has narrated has been tremendous. Her work is professional and the care she gives to a story is special. I would recommend her as a narrator in a heartbeat, though I am tempted to keep her all to myself."

Reviews for Paleofantasy by Marlene Zuk

  • "I really appreciated Laura Darrell's narration. She sounded so excited/amused through the whole book, and she really enunciated her books. I can't stand narrators who fail to really enunciate, as sometimes I can't make out what they are saying."

  • "The best part about the book was the narration. Laura Darrell did a fine job..."

Reviews for the Barking Detective Mysteries Series (Pepe Novels)

  • "Laura Darrell is the perfect narrator. I love her interpretation of the canine personalities. The books are wonderful..."

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